Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Volume 36, Issue 7 (2021)

Front Matter

Key Research Infrastructures in CAS Field Stations


Groundwater-Agroecosystem Experimental Simulator (Yucheng GAS)
Zhu OUYANG, Yunfeng QIAO, Chesheng ZHAN, Zhigang SUN, Yanchun YU, Xiaoguang CAI, and Fadong LI

Consultation of Academic Divisions: Development and Innovation of Science Education


Construct New Pattern of Evaluating and Training Youngsters’ Creativity
Dongmei ZHANG, Xiaoming LIU, Yu LIU, and Yanlong XU

S & T and Society


Developing Responsible Digital Economy
Qingfeng YANG and Jinluan REN

Policy & Management Research

Think Tank Research


From Strategy Consulting Research to Science of Think Tank
Xin WANG, Huiqin ZHANG, and Changpu SUN

Think Tank Viewpoint

Young Scientists & Pioneer Thinkings

CAS Science and Technology Promotion and Development Prize

Information & Observation