Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Volume 38, Issue 2 (2023)

Scientific Focus

Theory and Practice of S&T Performance Budgeting Evaluation

Strategy & Policy Decision Research


Analysis and Thinking on Developing Evolution of National Innovation System
Defang HE, Fuqiang TANG, Tao CHEN, Xianfeng LUO, and Fangjuan YANG


Exploring International Rare Earth Industry Landscape Changes and China’s Strategic Responses
Yiding WU, Zilong PENG, Dan LAI, Shen ZHAO, Lu WANG, Weiqiang CHEN, and Peng WANG

Policy & Management Research


Marine Ecological Protection and Restoration: International Agendas and China Action
Ke DUAN, Zhengyan LIU, Shengkang LIANG, Yanbin LI, and Dongliang LU


Characteristics Analysis and Inspiration of the US BRAIN Initiative
Mian ZU, Ying WANG, Wei LIU, Zexi XIN, and Lei WANG

Think Tank Viewpoint

S & T and Society

Information & Observation

Contents & Leaflets