Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Volume 37, Issue 8 (2022)

Space Science in China: Strategy and Breakthrough


On Index System of Space Science Strength and Its Enlightenment
Quanlin FAN, Tingting SONG, Peng SHI, Haiyan WEI, Xiaoli CHEN, Xuezhao WANG, and Shijie GUO

Strategy & Policy Decision Research


Analysis on Development and Risks of China’s Food Production During 14th Five-Year Plan Period
Cuihong YANG, Kang LIN, Xiang GAO, Xikang CHEN, and Shouyang WANG

Policy & Management Research

Think Tank Viewpoint

CAS Field Station


Current Situation and Improvement Suggestions of Archives Management of CAS Field Stations
Miao LI, Hao LIANG, Tian YE, Linjing MENG, Mingliang TAN, Xiao YUE, Xingjuan LI, Shengnan LI, Ping YANG, and Yanan PAN

S&T and Society


Innovative Measure on Achieving Common Prosperity: Carbon Transfer Payment
Peili LU, Lanling PENG, Jiaqi SHEN, Yanrui JIN, and Yong GENG


Systematic Study on Carbon Emission Reduction of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment
Jisheng LONG, Hailiang DU, Xin ZOU, and Jingying HUANG

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