Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Volume 37, Issue 9 (2022)

S&T and Financing Integration Framework and Proposal

Strategy & Policy Decision Research


Impact of Major Emergencies on Food Security Risks
Cuihong YANG, Kang LIN, and Xiang GAO


Research on Strategic Transformation of Consumer Goods Standardization for the New Development Stage
Shengnan MA, Xuhua WANG, Ximin SUN, Yanbing DU, Ling YAN, and Yi SUN

Policy & Management Research


Discussion on Approaches to Improving Soybean Supply Capacity in China
Feng FENG, Zhinan ZHANG, Yongzhe GU, Junpeng HE, and Zhixi TIAN

Think Tank Viewpoint

Information & Observation

S&T and Society


Global Technology of Ocean Carbon Sequestration Based on Patent Analysis
Tianyue PENG, Dehao TANG, Liqiang LIU, Bing HAN, and Benduo ZHU

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