Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Volume 37, Issue 7 (2022)

Ocean Observation and Security Assurance Technology


Thoughts on Constructing Self-reliance and Self-strengthening Marine Scientific Observation and Detection Technology System
Yuantao WU, Xiaobo REN, Xiaonan DUAN, Zhibin WEN, Danhong DONG, Jianping YIN, Zhongli SHA, Hongyu ZHAO, Lei JIANG, Lixia JIANG, and Gang SHEN


Development Status and Prospect of Marine Environmental Security Technology
Huabin MAO, Yuantao WU, Jianping YIN, and Shumin LIAN


Thinking on Nuclear Energy Supply Scheme for Underwater Observation and Exploration Equipment
Zilong PENG, Shuxue YAN, Jianping YIN, Lei YANG, Xiangzhou CAI, and Jie YU


Application and Prospect of Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
Shuo LI, Yuantao WU, Chen LI, Hongyu ZHAO, and Yiping LI


Critical Technologies for Detection of Polar Environment
Xiao CHENG, Shuangshuang FAN, Lei ZHENG, and Juanling ZHOU

Strategy & Policy Decision Research


Open Innovation Trends, Issues and Policy Suggestions in Manufacturing Industry
Rongping MU, Jingjing GUO, Jin KANG, Shuang MA, and Kangwei CHI

S & T and Society

Policy & Management Research


Critical Infrastructures for Developing UAVs’ Applications and Low-altitude Public Air-Route Network Planning
Xiaohan LIAO, Chenchen XU, Huping YE, Xiang TAN, Shifeng FANG, Yaohuan HUANG, and Jing LIN

Think Tank Research

CAS Field Station


Ordos Sandland Ecological Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of Botany Chinese Academy of Sciences

Information & Observation

Contents & Leaflets