Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Volume 37, Issue 12 (2022)

Scientific Focus

Consultation of Academic Divisions and Suggestion of Academicians: Digital Technology Enabling National Governance Modernization


Digital Technology Enables Construction of National Governance Modernization
Yue HAO, Kaihua CHEN, Jin KANG, Xiaoguang YANG, Chao ZHANG, and Xiaolong ZHENG


Challenges and Measurements for Governance of Modern Cyber Space Society
Pinghui WANG, Hongbin PEI, Junzhou ZHAO, Tao QIN, Chao SHEN, Dongliang LIU, and Xiaohong GUAN


Big Data Technology Enabling Legal Supervision
Qingjie LIU, Shuo LIU, Yirong WU, Yueqiang WENG, Yihao WEN, and Ming LI


Strengthen Fundamental Role of Data Element Governance in National Governance Modernization
Kaihua CHEN, Zhuo FENG, Rui GUO, Yue HAO, Jin KANG, Xiaoguang YANG, Chao ZHANG, and Binbin ZHAO


Digital Technology Enables Modernization of National Statistics
Zongben XU, Yanyun ZHAO, Liping ZHU, Guang CHEN, and Hongyun ZHANG

Regional Innovation in China under Double Cycle Pattern

Think Tank Viewpoint

Information & Observation

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