Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (BCAS) is a think tank journal directed and sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which focuses on strategic and decision-making research. BCAS is published both at home and abroad. It is positioned as the "Core Media of National Science Think Tank of China" and the key media platform for the construction of national high-end think tank under CAS.

Current Issue: Volume 39, Issue 4 (2024)

Coordinated Regional Development and Territorial Spatial Optimization in 15th Five-Year Plan


Implementation evaluation and outlook of Major Function Oriented Zone
Dong CHEN, Baoyin LIU, Jie FAN, Daojing ZHOU, Rui GUO, Zhao WANG, and Jianxiong WU


Strategic pattern and optimization of China's eco-regions during Fifteenth Five-Year Plan period
Kan ZHOU, Jie FAN, Daojing ZHOU, Zhedong QIAN, Hu YU, Hanchu LIU, and Jian ZHANG


Improve policy system of main functional zones in national spatial planning
Fan QI, Siqi QIU, Chengshuangping ZHAO, Jianglong CHEN, Siyu SHAO, and Bangrui LIU

Strategy & Policy Decision Research

Policy & Management Research


Bottleneck analysis and policy suggestion on construction of international scientific research environment
Xiaolin ZHOU, Jun WANG, Ziyu LI, Jingru CHI, Fanchao MENG, Yun YANG, and Xiaoping REN


Information & Observation

Contents & Leaflets