Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (BCAS) is a think tank journal directed and sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which focuses on strategic and decision-making research. BCAS is published both at home and abroad. It is positioned as the "Core Media of National Science Think Tank of China" and the key media platform for the construction of national high-end think tank under CAS.

Current Issue: Volume 36, Issue 11 (2021)

S & T and Society


Development Plans and Enlightenments of Future Industry of Major Countries in the World
Bo ZHOU, Fuhai LENG, Hong LI, Xiaoyi CHEN, Xiaoqi JIA, Chunlei GE, Zhongyang XI, and Jing YE

Policy & Management Research


Current Condition and Protection Strategies of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Ecological Security Barrier
Bojie FU, Zhiyun OUYANG, Peng SHI, Jie FAN, Xiaodan WANG, Hua ZHENG, Wenwu ZHAO, and Fei WU


Promoting Integrated Management of Water Resources to Ensure High-level Protection and High-quality Developmen
Conglin ZHANG, Haujuan QIAO, Yonghuan MA, Chuguo WU, Yintang WANG, Baorong HUANG, and Fengyuan GUO


Research on Legal Governance System of American Basic Research
Lingjuan LI, Changran ZHANG, and Jiang YU

CAS Science and Technology Promotion and Development Prize

Information & Observation

Governance Strategy on Science and Technology Ethics


Ethical Governance of Gene Editing Technology
Huiyuan WANG, Pengfei LI, Lijuan XU, Liwen ZHANG, Caihong HE, Yuelei FAN, Jianrong YU, and Zhihong XU


Analysis and Strategy of AI Ethical Problems
Zhaoxiang ZHANG, Jiyu ZHANG, and Tieniu TAN

S&T Boosts the Belt and Road Initiative