Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)

Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (BCAS) is a think tank journal directed and sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which focuses on strategic and decision-making research. BCAS is published both at home and abroad. It is positioned as the "Core Media of National Science Think Tank of China" and the key media platform for the construction of national high-end think tank under CAS.

Current Issue: Volume 36, Issue 4 (2021)

Front Matter


Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Civilization


Main Achievements, Challenges, and Recommendations of Biodiversity Conservation in China
Fuwen WEI, Xiaoge PING, Yibo HU, Yonggang NIE, Yan ZENG, and Guangping HUANG


Review on Biodiversity Science in China
Xiangcheng MI, Gang FENG, Jian ZHANG, Yibo HU, Li ZHU, and Keping MA


Progress and Prospect of Wild Germplasm Conservation
Dezhu LI, Jie CAI, Wei HE, and Xiangyun YANG

Key Research Infrastructures in CAS Field Stations

S & T and Society

Policy & Management Research

Think Tank Viewpoint

Information & Observation