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major function oriented zoning, land-sea coordination, marine economy, policy suggestions

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Coordinated Regional Development and Territorial Spatial Optimization in 15th Five-Year Plan


The marine-terrestrial interlaced zone serves as a crucial spatial hub linking the functional zoning of both land and sea areas. Optimizing the ecological function, economic function, and national security function of the marine-terrestrial interlaced zone is of significant importance for promoting the coordination between land and sea functional oriented zoning and achieving their mutual beneficial interaction. It also contributes to enhancing the economic, social, and environmental benefits, effectively allocating resources, and advancing social sustainability. Building upon the clarification of the current development status and characteristics of China’s marine-terrestrial interlaced zone, the research systematically examines the key issues existing in the coordination between land and sea functional oriented zoning at the marine-terrestrial interlaced zone. Furthermore, it puts forward key construction tasks and development pathways aimed at enhancing the coordination functions of the marine-terrestrial interlaced zone.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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