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large-scale research infrastructure, professional team building, funding management, talent performance evaluation

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Policy & Management Research


The construction and operation of large-scale research infrastructures involves not only basic scientific research issues, but also complex engineering and management issues. Therefore, strengthening and optimizing professional talent team-building is a key factor in comprehensively improving the effectiveness of large-scale research infrastructures. However, current management system of these infrastructures pays insufficient attention to professional engineering and technical talents and management talents in terms of financial support, talent evaluation, and incentive system construction, which has seriously reduced the stability and work enthusiasm of these talents, which in turn directly restricts the scientific and social benefits of the infrastructures. By investigating several typical domestic large-scale research infrastructures, this study sorts out their problems and difficulties in professional talent team-building. On this basis, combined with the advanced experience of international related infrastructures, this study puts forward three policy suggestions, aiming to enable China to better rely on large-scale research infrastructures to become a world scientific and technological power.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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