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national parks, governance system, theoretical framework, deepening reform

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Modernizing National Park Governance System


Improving the governance system of national parks is an inevitable requirement for China’s high-quality construction of the world’s largest national park system. This study analyzes the main challenges and problems faced by China’s national park governance based on long-term investigation on national parks and national park system pilot areas. Under the overall logic of modernization of China’s national governance system and governance capabilities, drawing on international experiences in sound governance of regional and watershed public goods and national parks, this study proposes a theoretical framework for establishing a “four in one” national park governance system in China, including a comprehensive decision-making mechanism, a management and execution mechanism, a scientific decision-making and consultation mechanism, and a social participation mechanism. On this basis, five suggestions are proposed to deepen the reform of the national park governance system. (1) Establish a coordinated decisionmaking mechanism to solve the coordination difficulties faced by national park construction. (2) Deepen the reform of the management system, establish a government governance system for national parks with clear responsibilities and legal administration. (3) Improve the institutional system of multi-party participation throughout the entire process to promote collaboration and broad participation in national park system construction. (4) Improve scientific decision-making and consultation mechanisms to ensure scientific, democratic and lawful decision-making. (5) Expand the scope of spatial governance in national parks, promote green development in the surrounding areas of national parks, and establish harmonious relationships between national parks and local governments.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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