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AI4R, emergence, combinatorial explosion problems, nondeterministic computing, large scientific models, scientific research platforms

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Vigorously Promote Scientific Research Paradigm Transform


This article refers to “AI for Research(AI4R)” as the fifth research paradigm and summarizes its characteristics, including: (1) the fully integration of artificial intelligence into various scientific and technology researches; (2) machine intelligence has become an integral part of scientific research; (3) effectively handles the combinatorial explosion problem with high computational complexity; (4) probability and statistical models play a greater role in scientific research; (5) realize the integration of four existing research paradigms, cross disciplinary cooperation has become the mainstream research method; (6) scientific research relies more on large research platforms characterized by large models. This article points out that AI4R is a scientific revolution, and the opportunities and challenges it brings will affect the future of China’s science and technological development. It calls on scientists in various fields to achieve transformation of intelligentization.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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