Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)


Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), climate change, international cooperation, carbon emission reduction

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Research on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation of Major Countries along the Belt and Road


The Belt and Road region has different resource endowments and diverse climates. Low-carbon and sustainable economic development is the objective need for the high-quality Green Silk Road, and it is also the key to the global actions and practices on climate change. China and BRI partners have carried out in-depth cooperation on low-carbon infrastructure, cleaner energy, climate disaster warning and forecasting, climate finance, low-carbon technology, and other key development fields in a win-win solution. Further, by drawing on the valuable experiences of developed countries in international cooperation on climate, the others have explored a new path for future international cooperation on climate change for the Belt and Road region, and proposed strategies for China's cooperation with partners on climate change, in order to improve the global climate governance system.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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