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disruptive technology, future industry, Electronics Resurgence Initiative, frontier deployment path

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Disruptive technologies have key impact on the path, direction, and international competition pattern of future industrial development, so the forward-looking layout of future industries driven by disruptive technologies is an inevitable choice for China to seize the commanding heights of science and technology and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern. Based on the in-depth analysis of the whole process and whole chain of the United States’ Electronics Resurgence Initiative layout of disruptive technologies and the technology identification mechanism, organization management mechanism, evaluation mechanism, and demonstration application mechanism of cultivating future industries, this study extracts the scientific connotation and key elements of disruptive technologies and future industries, and constructs the research framework of “disruptive technology-driven future industry cultivation model” from the links of “disruptive technology supply-technology industry transformation-technology industry application”. Relevant research findings have key reference significance for China’s cultivation of future industries driven by disruptive technologies. This study proposes that China should establish a long-term and dynamic disruptive technology identification and support mechanism for future industries, further strengthen the market- oriented and multi participation management model and policy design, establish a dynamic comparison and competitive exit mechanism of disruptive technologies with multiple technical routes in parallel, tolerate failures caused by objective factors such as technology research and development and technical routes, form an assessment and evaluation mechanism differentiated from the key core technology research, improve the demonstration and application of disruptive technologies for future industrial application scenarios, and promote pilot demonstrations and application scenarios such as future industry pilot demonstration zones.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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