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Ukraine crisis, science and technology strategy, clean energy, energy security

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Strategy & Policy Decision Research


Energy is the blood vessel of an economy. The outbreak of the Ukraine crisis has triggered a regional energy supply crisis and a global energy market turmoil. As a result, the global energy landscape and energy science and technology development trends have undergone profound changes, with far-reaching impact on China’s science and technology strategies in the energy sector. Based on the study of energy strategy shift of the world’s major economies, this study focuses on research and analysis on the strategic trends of energy science and technology from the perspectives of international energy trade, global low-carbon transition and national energy security. This study believes that: (1) localization of energy supply has become a development direction of global energy science and technology strategies; (2) the cost attribute of energy technology is increasingly prominent in the era of clean energy; (3) the world is accelerating its pace in research and development of clean energy technology; and (4) international science and technology cooperation in the field of clean energy is facing new challenges. In addition, this study also proposes policy recommendations from the perspectives of strategic deployment, R&D platform, R&D orientation, innovation system and international cooperation, taking into account the current situation of China’s energy structure. The findings of this study will offer references and insights for China’s new energy system structure and new energy science and technology strategies.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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