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popularization of science, the value of popularization of science, Chinese-style modernization

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World Science and Technology Power Construction - Connotation and Implementation of Broad Science Popularization Strategy


Science is a great cause for human beings to pursue truth. Popularization of science is an important basic work for achieving innovative development. Throughout the history of scientific development, human beings have realized the opening and sharing of knowledge system, the application and promotion of production technology, the inheritance and development of scientific culture, and the enlightenment and education of civilization and rationality through scientific popularization. This study analyzes the role and value of science popularization, and points out that science popularization is conducive to promoting the benign interaction between science and technology and society, improving the efficiency of science and technology governance, improving citizens’ scientific literacy, ensuring citizens’ exercise of scientific and cultural rights, and strengthening the construction of innovation system and innovation culture. Then, focusing on the background that China will vigorously promote Chinese path to modernization in the future, it points out that scientific popularization will make great achievements in talent training, innovative development, social governance, opening up and other aspects. Integrating science and culture into national culture and the spirit of the times through science popularization will help to achieve self-reliance in high level science and technology. Finally, it highlights the responsibility and mission of scientific and technological workers in popularizing science for the benefit of the people, strengthening the platforms for science communication, adhering to the value orientation of science and technology for good, advancing the development of open science, and enhancing international exchange and cooperation in science popularization.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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