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science popularization, Two-Wings theory, Broad Science Popularization Strategy, science popularization rule of law, science popularization capacity

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World Science and Technology Power Construction - Connotation and Implementation of Broad Science Popularization Strategy


The construction of the rule of law in science popularization is of great importance to guarantee the implementation of the “Two- Wing theory” and the Broad Science Popularization Strategy. This study systematically reviews the development, status quo, effectiveness and problems of the legal and institutional construction of science popularization in China, and examines the situation, problems and challenges faced by the construction of the rule of law in China’s science popularization in the light of current development situation. Finally, this study puts forward proposals to strengthen the construction of the rule of law in science popularization under the direction of the “Two-Wing theory”, and to guarantee the implementation of the Broad Science Popularization Strategy and the construction of national science popularization capacity.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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