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World Science and Technology Power Construction - Connotation and Implementation of Broad Science Popularization Strategy


As one of the two wings of innovation and development, science popularization has become one of the most fundamental factors determining the level of material culture development and national creativity. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (Academicians for short), as outstanding role models of China’s scientific and technological community, have actively borne social responsibility for science popularization and played an important role in different development periods. Entering a high-quality development stage, promoting the transformation of science popularization concepts, achieving high-quality science popularization supply, constructing a large-scale science popularization pattern, and planning a large-scale science popularization strategy to address the many challenges brought about by the knowledge explosion and the digital era and promte the process of Chinese modernization, have become an important task. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of academic popularization and the experience of popular science practice among academicians, this article reinterprets the role and significance of academic popularization from a new historical perspective. It also puts forward suggestions for better playing the role of academicians and promoting the prosperity and development of science popularization.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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