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climate change, extreme droughts, synergistic regulation of hydraulic engineering, water safety, Poyang Lake

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Environmental Protection and Ecological Restoration


In the past 20 years, the hydrological regime of Poyang Lake changed significantly. The lake water level has been continuously decreasing, resulting in severe droughts. In particular, an extreme drought occurred in 2022, when the lake area shrank to less than 300 km2. The 2022 extreme drought in Poyang Lake had great impacts on economy, society and ecological environment, which aroused great attentions and wide concerns. Based on long-term data series of meteorological and hydrological data and the existing research outcomes and with the aid of hydrological modeling, this study analyzed the impacts and contributing factors of the 2022 drought in Poyang Lake. Suggestions are also offered on the potential synergistic regulation of hydraulic engineering to cope with such droughts in the future to secure water safety in the middle Yangtze River.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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