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strategic scientist, quantitative indicator system, reserve force, validation analysis research

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Policy & Management Research


Cultivating more strategic scientists is an important proposition for achieving a high level of self-reliance in science and technology in China. In response to the the central government’s requirements, and to support the “selection, cultivation, and retention” of strategic scientists, this study comprehensively adopts various research methods of the competency model. Based on 155 typical cases of benchmark figures at home and abroad, a quantitative analysis index system of typical characteristics of strategic scientists is constructed, and 720 leading talents from 297 State Key Laboratories are selected as representatives of the reserve force of strategic scientists for empirical analysis of the index system. The study found that compared with the benchmark figures, there are significant gaps in strategic vision and practical ability, a weak force of enterprise strategic scientists, and a mismatch between the disciplinary distribution and the strategic development needs of China among the representatives of China’s reserve force of strategic scientists. Based on this, relevant countermeasures and suggestions are proposed.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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