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industries of the future (IOF), science and technology development, strategy choices

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Strategy & Policy Decision Research


The industries of the future (IOF) that cater to the new demands and scenarios of economic society significantly rely on breakthroughs in disruptive cutting-edge technologies, therefore, it is crucial to study the demands of future industrial technology development and management in order to make strategic choices for technology. This study finds that the science and technology development of IOF impetus is reflected in three aspects: the supply of science and technology factors, the cultivation of science and technology scenarios, and the assurance of science and technology policies. The development direction depends on breakthroughs in emerging and significant frontier of science and technology, as well as the major demands of economic and social development. This study works on the needs of IOF in four aspects: the macro layout of science and technology development, the pursuit of breakthroughs in frontier technologies, the supply of innovation elements for technological innovation, and the construction of an innovation ecosystem for technological innovation. It summarizes the science and technology development strategic layouts of typical countries, and sort out the current situation and challenges of China’s IOF science and technology development of IOF. Based on this, the study proposes optimizing the layout of China’s science and technology development of IOF from four aspects: strengthening the macro layout of science and technology development of IOF, enhancing the scenario-driven approach to science and technology development of IOF, expanding the supply of innovation elements for science and technology development of IOF, and constructing an innovation ecosystem for science and technology development of IOF.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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