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Under the new situation, expanding and strengthening the crop seed industry and ensuring food security have been elevated to the national strategic importance. It urgently needs to improve the crop seed national innovation system and promote the deep integration of the innovation chain and industrial chain. The crop seed industry in developed countries such as the United States has formed a relatively mature industrial innovation system dominated by enterprises; however, China's crop seed industry innovation system is large but weak, the seed industry innovation efficiency is low, and the innovation ecology of the innovation chain and the industrial chain integration is immature, which seriously restrict the high-quality development of China's seed industry. Based on analyzing the development trend of the global crop seed industry and identifying the problems and obstacles restricting the integration of China's seed industry innovation chain and industrial chain, it is suggested to fully consider the unique laws and needs of agricultural seed industry innovation, strengthen top-level design, optimize and integrate the national seed industry scientific and technological forces, and build a market-oriented, enterprise-centered, industry-universityresearch-government integration, and whole industry chain integration. The seed industry innovation system with Chinese characteristics fully utilizes the advantages of a unified large national market on the basis of fully considering regional differences, so as to promote the integration of the innovation chain and the industrial chain.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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