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Since the 1930s, the construction of marine ranching has successively experienced the version 1.0 (traditional marine ranching) of farming-ranching and engineering, and the version 2.0 (marine ecological ranching) of ecologization and informatization, and now it is about to enter the version 3.0 (global aquatic ecological ranching) of digitalization and systematization, which covers seawater and fresh water. Marine ranching version 3.0 must adhere to the modern aquatic ecological ranching development concept of "ecology, precision, intelligence, integration", characterized by synchronous protection and utilization, expansion of scene and space, breakthrough in core technology, and innovation in development patterns. After establishing the whole industrial technology chain of scientific site selection, layout planning, habitat restoration, bio-resource conservation, safety protection and integrative development, a "modern upgraded version" of marine ranching will be established in the northern waters, a "strategic new space" of marine ranching will be expanded in the southern waters, and a new trial of freshwater ranching will be started, so as to support the construction of national marine ranching demonstration zone and lead the construction and development of aquatic ecological ranching around the world.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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