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butterfly pattern; linear model; Pasteur's quadrant; science; industry

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World Science and Technology Power Construction - Last Ten Years Review and Future Trend of Science and Technology of China - S & T and Society


In the era of big science, the innovation chain and the industry chain are deeply integrated, promoting the continuous evolution of the underlying logic of the "linear model" and the "Pasteur's quadrant". The world scientific research is gradually evolving to the collaborative interaction of innovative subjects and the system integration of various elements. On the basis of in-depth exploration of the linear model and Pasteur's quadrant, SIAT focuses on creating a closed-loop ecology of the innovation chain and industrial chain. By integrating science and industry from design to advancing, SIAT has built a "butterfly pattern", which integrates and reconstructs the "0-1-10" in the vertical level, and consolidates the "10-∞" through complex interaction of cross-border elements in the horizontal level. SIAT has also carried out further systematic exploration and practice, effectively promoting the formation and expansion of new industries and new formats.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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