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As the proportion of consumption to GDP increases and its role in stimulating economic growth in China, the impact of residents' consumption has apparently become increased on resources, the environment and carbon dioxide emissions. Production is for consumption, and consumption in turn promotes production; consumption determines production and also guides the direction and development trend of production. Green consumption is not only a consumer's responsibility, but also higher requirements for producers:the entire process from raw material procurement, product production and transportation, product use, second product recycling, and final disposal must be low-carbon standards. It is very significant important to promote green and low-carbon development by supply-side structural reforms. The government push green consumption through policy measures such as setting up incentive/restraint mechanisms, and increasing the supply of green products, government procurement, and setting an example by themselves. The fundamental measure is to raise the public's awareness of environmental protection and consciously practice green and low-carbon consumption.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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