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information technology; government statistics; modernization of state governance; modernization of statistics

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Consultation of Academic Divisions and Suggestion of Academicians: Digital Technology Enabling National Governance Modernization


The modernization of national statistics is part of the modernization of national governance. Digital technology has provided power for the transformation of statistical production mode, the improvement of statistical productivity, and the reconstruction of statistical production relations. Digital technology has become an important prerequisite for the promotion of statistical modernization reform. This study summarizes the international experience of digital technology enabling government statistics, the top-level design of national statistical legal system, and the importance of digital technology in promoting the modernization of statistics. This study also analyzes the main challenges existing in the current national statistics and data work. Finally, the suggestions are proposed for further promoting the modernization reform of national statistics from six aspects: implementing the modernization project of national statistics, promoting the digitalization of the whole process of statistical data, breaking through the key technologies of statistical data collection and analysis, improving the ability of statistical security development, promoting the statistical audit work of the whole society, and training statistical talents with digital technology skills.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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