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legal supervision; digital procuratorate; procuratorate big data; spatial-temporal big data; big data legal supervision model; tax of refined oil

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Consultation of Academic Divisions and Suggestion of Academicians: Digital Technology Enabling National Governance Modernization


Legal supervision plays an important role in the national governance system and capacity. In the era of digital revolution, the rapid development of digital procuratorial work with big data legal supervision as the core promotes to reshape the legal supervision and governance system. In this study, the inherent need of legal supervision for active prosecution in the new era, and the innovative role of new public interest litigation in comprehensive social governance, are firstly analyzed. Then, the core meaning and reshaping role of big-data-enabling-legalsupervision and supervision-promoting-national-governance of digital prosecution are discussed. After summarizing the practical experiences and challenges of big data enabling legal supervision worldwide, several countermeasures and suggestions for enabling legal supervision by using new big data technologies are proposed, that is, on the basis of improving the efficient work promotion mechanism, to establish a big data sharing mechanism with procuratorial characteristics, to enhance the supply capacity of sustainable digital procuratorial science and technology, and to form a unified and open model for the development of big data legal supervision.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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