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data asset, data factor market, data asset registration, unified market

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Research on Market-oriented Allocation of Data Elements


Data asset registration is a vital component of data factor market system. Recently, several Chinese regions and institutions have begun to work on data asset registration, but problems persist for the unclear concept of data asset registration and the deficiency of registration and service systems. By virtue of summarizing the active typical registration system in China, this study puts forward the concept of data asset registration and the "seven unifications" principle of registration. The new data value chain is established based on the perspective of factor flow, and the concepts of resource-based and operational data assets are proposed. Moreover, this study analyzes the functional orientation and significance of data asset registration. Finally, we propose to build a national unified data asset registration system, which means we need to engage in the registration ground with relevant registration law, the register with integrated organizational pattern, the registration carrier with integrated platform.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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