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agricultural wastewater; ecological engineering; non-point source pollution; paddy field; zero-direct discharge (ZZD)

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The Yangtze River Delta region is an important commodity grain production area in China, but has been suffering from agricultural non-point source pollution issues in recent years. This study puts forward a suggestion on promoting the construction of zero-direct discharge (ZDD) engineering for agricultural wastewater from paddy fields in the region. This suggestion is based on the field investigation, policy analysis, engineering design, and economical evaluation, which clarifies the policy adaptability and the construction importance of the ZDD engineering. At the same time, this suggestion shows the basic principles, design requirements, mode selections, investment cost, and expected ecological economic benefits of the ZDD engineering. It is expected to provide decision support for China to mitigate the non-point source pollution and enhance agricultural green development.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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