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carbon neutral; Belt and Road Initiative; outward direct investment; climate finance

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Strategy & Policy Decision Research


With the impact of COVID-19, the global market has greatly enhanced the recognition of sustainable development. Economies along the Belt and Road Initiative (herein after referred as Belt & Road countries and regions) are facing severe challenges of common ecological environment and climate change. Based on the two-way fixed effect panel model and interregional input-output model, this study puts forward a measurement model of the impact of China's outward direct investment on carbon emissions of Belt & Road countries and regions. The results show that China has played a positive role in the green development of Belt & Road countries and regions, leading the green investment of Belt & Road countries and regions. Based on the results and the current situation of China's outward direct investment, four policy suggestions are proposed, namely, carrying out low-carbon technology transformation in crucial industries, establishing a coherent green development policy, developing multilateral green cooperation, and concentrating on the development of climate finance.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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