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young research team; scientific and technological (S&T) self-reliance and self-improvement; development ideas; innovation-oriented development community

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Young researchers are the pioneering force with the most innovative vitality, the main force for basic research and core technology breakthroughs, and the backbone for realizing scientific and technological (S&T) self-reliance and self-improvement. In order to strengthen the construction of national strategic S&T force, there is an urgent need to strengthen the construction of young research team and establish a talent development environment that can effectively stimulate the young researchers' creativity, innovation ability, vitality and motivation. This paper summarizes the experience and results of "Youth Innovation Promotion Association"-the main program of independent cultivation of young S&T talents of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), by analyzing the important role of young researchers in the output of major scientific and technological achievements. It then puts forward the systematic thinking of optimizing the development of young research team in China, amongst our efforts towards S&T self-reliance and self-improvement, from the following three aspects:taking multiple measures to strengthen the support to young researchers, creating an institutional environment for young researchers to devote themselves to research, and building a diversified platform for academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation. Lastly, this paper proposes to further optimize and promote the construction of an innovation-oriented development community for the young S&T talents, as well as accelerate the interdisciplinary cooperation of them for integrating innovation.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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