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biological diversity; germplasm; genetic resources; conservation

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Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Civilization


Genetic resources are important strategic resources for the national interest, security, and sustainable economic and social development of a country. Wild germplasm with their great potential in bio-industry applications, received wide attention globally, specifically in wild plant preservation. China has achieved great progress in the infrastructure building and preservation of wild germplasm. This study suggests that it is crucial to develop China's national strategy of wild germplasm preservation by improving the top-down design and overall planning, other suggestions include enhancing the survey and collection projects of wild species and the evaluation of germplasm traits; enforcing and implementing laws and regulations on biological resources protection; promoting cooperation and joint work plans on germplasm management and regulation enforcement; talent and team building to strengthen the germplasm facilities management and operation; increasing the input on fundamental research and the development of technical standards, and arising the public awareness on germplasm conservation through training programmes.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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