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Earth’s tides, superconducting gravimeter, geodynamics, mass transfer, theory on deformation

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Since 1985, about 35-year high-precision gravity data have been being well accumulated and worldwide cooperation was effectively carried out. The unique international tidal gravity reference in Asia was established. The background noise model for low frequency in Chinese continent was constructed. A global experimental model and an accurate correction model in Chinese continent for gravity tides of the Earth were both constructed. The theoretical simulation of the effect of surface mass loading on gravity was improved. The signals related to the nearly diurnal resonance, Earth’s free oscillation and translational wobble of the Earth’s inner core were detected to investigate the physical parameters of the Earth’s deep interior. A theory which couples temperature into elastic deformation of a layered and self-gravitating spherical Earth was proposed. The above mentioned achievements would contribute to national precise surveying and mapping, global large-scale geodynamics and space techniques as roles of new instructions and/or references.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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