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COVID-19; science and technology strategy; policy; international pattern; digital technology

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The COVID-19 pandemic has catastrophically affected the economy, society, security, and health around the world, and it has also put forward the new requirements for the development of science and technology. Since then, many countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Russia, and European Union, have tried to solve the "dangers" and seek the "opportunities" by applying and developing science and technology. Therefore, these countries and regions are ambitious on scientific and technological strategic arrangements in digital economy, cutting-edge technology, biosafety, climate and environment, in order to accelerate economic recovery. With the introduction of the new trends of science and technology strategies in these countries and regions, this study summarizes the common strategic layouts on paying attention to cutting-edge technologies, advancing the digital economy, focusing on biosafety and health, and emphasizing the protection of the climate and environment, which shows five features, as digital, intelligent, human-oriented, ecological and national. Thus, we put forward suggestions for China's forward-looking strategic layout of science and technology development:getting rid of the impact of the pandemic with the self-reliance and independent development of science and technology; formulating a data strategy to promote economic and social digital transformation; focusing on life and health to vigorously promote the construction of Healthy China; changing the development mode and persisting green development on ecology.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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