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Science and Technology Boosting Black Soil Granary Construction - Science and Technology Implementation


“Scientific achievements are inseparable from spiritual support. The academic spirit is the precious wealth accumulated by researchers and engineers in long-term academic career.” In the 1980s, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) launched Huanghuaihai Innovation Campaign of agricultural science and technology for the reclamation of saline-alkali land. The Campaign successfully improve the overall production capacity in the North China Plain. The Huanghuaihai Spirit, emerged in this multidisciplinary and crossfield large-scale scientific and technological campaign, is not only the precious spiritual wealth of CAS, but also an important source of strength for achieving a substantial increase in grain production. In the new era, facing the higher requirements of the national food strategy and the paramount challenge of "protecting and making good use of the black soil", we must further inherit and carry forward the Huanghuaihai Spirit, take a pragmatic and responsible attitude to solve problems of agricultural production, and build an intelligent agricultural technology system to support the sustainable development and use of black soil contribute to national food security, and promote rural revitalization.

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