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Lishu model, black soil, protection, Jilin Province

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Science and Technology Boosting Black Soil Granary Construction - Strategic Planning


General Secretary Xi Jinping, during his visit to Jilin in July 2020, pointed out that the Lishu model shall be thoroughly reviewed and summarized for dissemination, and effective measures shall be taken to protect and utilize the black soil, as precious as the giant panda, so as to benefit the people forever. Since then, Jilin Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Provincial Government have been bearing this entrustment with heart and putting people as the priority, when taking the great responsibilities of protecting the nation's food security and firmly pushing forward the implementation of the national black soil protection project in Jilin. For the past years, based on its local realities, Jilin Province has been focusing on the systematic management of innovative application of farming technologies and major technology development, in order to lay a solid foundation for the implementation of black soil protection and utilization. Taking lessons from the practice in Jilin Province, the key to the effective utilization and preservation of black soil lies in strengthening our mission, establishing systematic mindset, and tackling the black soil degradation problems in different aspects such as farming technology reform, systematic engineering measures, etc. Jilin Province will actively implement the national black soil protection project and enhance the protection measures in terms of administrative promotion and strategic guidance. It will spare no efforts to build Jilin into a major grain-producing province featured by friendly environment, rich soil, guaranteed harvest, and sustainable development.

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