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black soil conservation project, conservation on black soil layer, construction of fertile cultivated layer, controlling erosion and enhancing soil fertility, Lishu model, Longjiang model

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Science and Technology Boosting Black Soil Granary Construction - Science and Technology Implementation


The conservation and utilization of black soil have achieved remarkable results under effective measures and active promotion taken by different departments in China. At present, the conservation and utilization of black soil have been upgraded to national strategy and incorporated into related planning and outline, major scientific advances have been achieved. The black soil conservation and utilization have also been listed into the important governmental schedules in Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province, Liaoning Province, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Northeast China. The promotional mechanisms of black soil conservation and utilization have been established, approaches of black soil conservation and utilization have been proposed according to the local conditions, Lishu model and Longjiang model were established, soil fertility of six soil types in black soil has been enhanced, mass satisfaction has reached 100% according to the questionnaire survey, social and public participation awareness has been significantly improved. Additionally, black soil conservation and utilization could rely on related regulations and specifications under continuous improvement, and will rely on related national law in the future. Nevertheless, there are still a range of problems to be solved for further work in black soil conservation and utilization, such as whether the thick black soil layer can be maintained under current practices, whether soil with thin black soil layer can restore to soil with thick black soil layer by the technology innovation, how to simultaneously realize obstacle abatement and soil fertilization of albic soil with low input, and what are the threshold values of wind erosion and run off in black soil zone. In the future, black soil conservation and utilization should focused on strengthening top-level design, playing a full guiding role of Outline of the Northeast Black Soil Conservation (2017-2030) and Implementation Programme of National Black Soil Conservation Project (2021-2025), establishing black soil conservation zone in the north of black soil zone (N 45°) with area of more than 4×104 km2 in order to reach the objective of black soil sustainable utilization, breaking through technical bottlenecks of constructing fertile cultivated layer for soil with thin black soil layer in order to realize improvement in black soil fertility and enhance the crop yield, building field observation stations with long slope in sloping arable areas focused on drainage technology with low energy and controlling groove erosion, setting up soil wind erosion monitor network in order to provide important reference for developing technology of controlling wind erosion.

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