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think tank; double helix structure; think tank research; Data-Information-Intelligence-Solution (DIIS); MechanismImpact-Policy-Solution (MIPS)

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As the role of think tanks in the process of advancing the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity become increasingly prominent, the exploration on the paradigm, theories, and methodologies of think tank research become an important issue. This study raised the double helix structure of think tank research, which is a framework not only to conceptualize think tank research, but also provide practical guidance in conducting think tank research. The outer circulation of the double helix structure conceptualized the research process into question decomposing, interdisciplinary research, and regression to the true question. The inner circulation of the double helix structure is constituted of process convergence method (Data-Information-Intelligence-Solution, DIIS) and logics layer method (Mechanism-Impact-Policy-Solution, MIPS), which target separately at research process and research logics. The internal coupling relationship and the time-space domain are further analyzed. Finally, the theoretical value of the double helix structure of think tank research is raised, which could be considered as a new paradigm in conceptualizing and conducting think tank research.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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