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Tibet; sandy desertification; combating idea

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The problem of sandy desertification in Tibet is one of important regions of desertification research in China, the important progresses in the research on sandy desertification in Tibet in recent thirty years are concluded in the paper, such as finding out the status and characteristics of spatial and temporal change in recent years of sandy desertification in Tibet as well as its driving factors, establishing the theoretical system of sandy desertification in Tibet including the classification system of sandy desertification land and geological-historical evolutionary process of sandy desertification as well as the features of river valley aeolian landform in Tibet, building the combating strategy and control technical system of sandy desertification in Tibet with special plateau features. On the basic analysis of status and development trends as well as the control results of sandy desertification in Tibet, the future combating idea of sandy desertification in Tibet are forward given.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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