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synthetic biology; responsible innovation; responsibility; risk

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Synthetic biology is a novel discipline combining biology with engineering, chemistry, computer science, etc., which has great development potential and promising application prospect in the fields of energy, biomedicine, agriculture and chemistry, etc. However, the research and innovation of synthetic biology are faced with risks and ethical challenges. This study traces the theoretical origin of "responsible (research and) innovation", and points out that "responsible innovation" will actively expand the responsibility ethics and sublimate technology evaluation and technology ethical, legal, and social implications/issues (ELSI) research. Based on the analysis of necessity and urgency of "responsible innovation" in synthetic biology, this study suggests to establish and improve the institution and mechanism of "responsible innovation" in synthetic biology and promote the modernization of the national regulation system and capacity of scientific innovation in China from the following six aspects, namely, speeding up the legislation of biosafety, risk and ethics assessment, responsibility education and regulation, public dialogue and participation, interdisciplinary collaboration and global governance.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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