Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)


evidence-based policy making; national governance system; governance capacity; risk society; rethink science; coordinated model of science into policy

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Institutionalizing evidence-based policy making on ominous events is a significant part of the China's modernization of state governance system and capacity. Yet the relationship between science and policy in China is now facing more serious challenges in the context of social transformation confronting contemporary complexity and uncertainty. Coronavirus pandemic signs a series of difficulties on evidence-based policy through the hot discussion on the interaction of science and policy in China, which was also revealed by the "herd immunity" policy in the UK. Based on the historical frameworks of decisionist, technocratic and reversed (or the two-stages) models, which are applied to analyze the role of science in public policy, this study suggests that a new integrated and coordinated model should be built while reconsidering the role of science and avoiding the difficulties of science into policy. The basic components and the challenges of the new model to lead to a state governance system are also illustrated and analyzed.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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