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cryospheric climatology; climatology; cryospheric science; interdisciplinary; climate system; climate change

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Since the 1980s, the establishment and development of modern climate system theory have promoted the cross integration of cryospheric science and climatology, thus giving birth to a new branch of cryospheric science-cryospheric climatology. The formation and evolution of cryosphere are closely related to the earth's climate. Now it is generally recognized that cryosphere is not only the product of climate under certain conditions, but also its changes affect the weather and climate, and affect the social economy and sustainable development of human beings. Cryospheric climatology is a science that studies the interaction between cryosphere and atmosphere and its physical mechanism. Starting from the introduction of the development history of cryospheric climatology, this paper systematically explains its basic concepts and subject characteristics. Cryospheric climatology focuses on the role of cryosphere in the formation and anomaly of weather, climate, and general atmospheric circulations, the process and mechanism of interaction between cryosphere and atmosphere, the development of climate system model and cryosphere models, the projection of change in climate and cryosphere, and the service function of cryospheric climatology to social economy. We will continue to deepen the understanding of interaction process and mechanism between the cryosphere and the atmosphere, and promote the development of parameterization schemes for the processes of terrestrial cryosphere, marine cryosphere, and atmospheric cryosphere towards refinement, quantification, and complexity. In particular, we will focus on considering the spatial-temporal scales of nonlinear effects among different components and elements of the cryosphere. The development of global and regional climate system model coupled with cryosphere processes is the future trend of cryospheric climatology.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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