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cryosphere disaster; discipline construction; future prospect

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Cryosphere disasters include continental cryosphere disaster, marine cryosphere disaster, and aerial cryosphere disasters and these disasters are widespread and have caused great loss and influence. With the increasing frequency and intensity of cryosphere disasters caused by climate warming, the cryosphere region faces severe challenges in poverty eradication, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and sustainable economic and social development. Early cryosphere disaster studies mainly focus on the disaster events, disaster effects, and prevention of single disaster, concentrating on avalanche, glacial lake outburst, and glacier debris flow disasters. Since the 1980s, the research scope of cryosphere disaster science is gradually expanding, some of cryosphere disaster received extensive attention and further research such as permafrost disasters, sea ice disasters, and ice jam/flood disaster. In recent 10 years, with the establishment and improvement of cryosphere science system, the discipline system of cryosphere disaster science is developing and making significant progress in cryosphere disaster risk, impact and adaptation. Based on previous studies, this paper elaborates on the connotation of cryosphere disaster science, reviews the spatiotemporal characteristics of cryosphere disaster and its comprehensive influence, and then puts forward some suggestions on the construction and development of cryosphere disaster science in the future.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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