Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)


cryospheric human-sociology; cryospheric functions; cryospheric services; water tower; polar system; service valuation; resilience

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The cryosphere is closely related to human society. As a result of climate warming and corresponding cryosphere shrinkage, the cryosphere functions (CFs) and their associated services and hazards are undergoing profound changes. On the one hand, the cryosphere hazards become more and more frequent with heavily extreme events; on the other hand, the overall cryospheric service (CS) capacity has been deteriorating and would continue or be eventually lost. This article introduced the concepts of CFs, CSs, and their value on the basis of summarizing the human and social characteristics of the cryosphere and its affected areas. Then, taking the importance of world's "water towers" and changes in polar systems as examples, we illustrated the changes in CSs and their impact. Finally, the resilient pathway of cryosphere-affected socio-ecological systems was further discussed.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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