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public health events; emergency management; public psychological services

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COVID-19 outbreak not only affects individuals' physical and mental health, but also influences on the government trust, interpersonal trust, risk communication, economic confidence, consumer behavior, social mentality, and other social psychological behaviors. Accordingly, the construction of public psychological service system is required to be strengthened in the national emergency management system. Our corresponding suggestions are as follows. First, revise the national emergency response law in a timely manner in order to incorporate the public psychological service system into the emergency management system. Second, establish a professional emergency service team consisting of psychological service professionals and guide social organizations to play their roles in an orderly manner. Third, construct an information management system and network platforms to realize the precise docking and the good management of public psychological service demand as well as resources in emergency management. Fourth, support psychological research on the emergency management that provides the knowledge accumulation and the scientific support for perfecting the emergency management system, improve its efficiency and strengthen the emergency management capacity.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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