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public health; management suggestions; COVID-19

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Public health is a public commitment that concerns the health of the people. Providing public health services and conducting public health management are important responsibilities of the government. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of public health, especially after the SARS outbreak in 2003, the public health service system in China has been continuously improved and its management has been continuously strengthened. However, this sudden outbreak and spread of COVID-19 still exposes some shortcomings in China's public health management. We urgently need to summarize our experience, conduct in-depth research, and take targeted measures to solve it. Specifically, we suggest as followings. (1) Improve the concept of national security; (2) strengthen the construction of the rule of law; (3) strengthen the construction of government governance capacity; (4) improve the management systems of information disclosure, media, and Internet; (5) strengthen the scientific ethics and professionalism of experts; (6) improve the emergency management mechanism for public health emergencies; (7) strengthen the construction of social organizations and improve the participation mechanism of social forces; (8) improve the quality of citizens in responding to epidemics and disasters; (9) practically implement the "prevention-oriented" policy; and (10) focus on economic policies research during public health emergencies.

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