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break the "Siwei"; Chinese Academy of Sciences; research institute evaluation; CAS mode; science evaluation

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In 2018, the state issued breaking the "Siwei" related document, while "Siwei" means only papers, only titles, only education back ground, and only awards, and five ministries and institutions, i.e., Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinese Academy of Engineering, collaboratedly started the special action of breaking "Siwei". Most researchers in universities and research institutions have both expectations and concerns. There are different opinions on how to break the "Siwei" into a hot topic. Based on the introduction and analysis of the development and evolution of more than 20-year research institute evaluation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), this study holds that the research institute evaluation of CAS has gone out a road of breaking the "Siwei" and formed the CAS mode, thus providing a way of thinking for how to break the "Siwei" from the perspective of practical cases.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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