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poverty alleviation; poverty alleviation model of food education; sustainable development; achievements in poverty alleviation

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2020 is the final year to win the battle against poverty and to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects. China's poverty alleviation is gradually transforming from a single dimension to multiple dimensions, from achieving phased goals to establishing long-term mechanisms, and from growth led by external driving forces to self-motivated approaches. Integrating the practices and theoretical development of food education at home and abroad, in 2018, the research team of food education of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) took the lead in proposing "food education for poverty alleviation". This model is consistent with major strategic goals such as Healthy China, Rural Revitalization, and Sustainable Development Goals, all of which can be effectively connected. Following the principle of "investigation first, scientific guidance, and practical exploration", the research team of food education of CAS carries out the pilot work of food education for poverty alleviation in Kulun. The team explores practical applications on the basis of theories of food education for poverty alleviation while building a government-led, multi-agent, replicable, and extendable model. It can effectively improve the existing system of poverty alleviation and further consolidate the results of poverty alleviation. Faced with new problems and challenges in the new era, food education for poverty alleviation should gradually build a long-term mechanism with multi-participants. On the basis of the pilot work, we should continuously summarize the experience, improve the existing system, and gradually apply it to other areas.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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