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antimalarial drug; artemisinin; artemisinin derivatives; 523 mission

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Artemisinin and its derivatives and compounds has become a world-famous anti-malaria drug nowadays. Artemisinin and its derivatives, as the drug of first choice for the treatment of malaria worldwide, have relieved the suffering of millions of malaria patients. Therefore, Youyou Tu, who has made outstanding contributions to the development of artemisinin, became the first Chinese native scientist to receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The discovery of artemisinin was made in a fairly complex social and cultural environment. This is an typical example of a mission-driven process accompnied by the development of scientific research and filed progress. The discovery of artemisin was the result of mutual-interaction as well as mutual-promotion of national needs and scientific research. Reviewing the history of artemisinin research and development, and examining how to achieve breakthroughs through organized research collaboration and multi-institutional advantages integration in the context of relatively backward equipment and technical conditions, this article is aimed to explore the interactions of social, political, cultural factors, basic research and technology development. The experience and lessons from this research are valuable for futher development.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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