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In 1956, Chinese State Council launched the "Long-term Program for Developping Sciences and Technology from 1956 to 1967" according to the goals identified in the Communist Party's general policy for the transition period. The framers of the program proposed the principle of "letting tasks lead diciplines" as an effective policy model for planning science and technology. The 12-Year Program consists of 57 research tasks, among which 6 urgent projects such as the nuclear weapon, the missile, computing technology, semiconductor technology, radio electronics, and automatic and long-distance control technology were given high priority. In order to formulate and realize the program, Chinese government took full advantage of domestic institutions, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, and also got aids from the Soviet Union. Through unremitting efforts, China made great achievements, and completed the 12-Year Program in advance. In fact, the Program helped to fulfil or reinforce very weak fields in new disciplines, fundamental and high technologies, and greatly bridged the gap in science and technology between China and the advanced countries. It really exercised a profound influence upon the Chinese science, technology, national defence, economy and society.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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