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Sino-US trade friction; technology transfer; warranty of noninfringement

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The United States accused China's "Regulations on the Management of Technology Import and Export" that the technology licensors' warranty of noninfringements violates the "national treatment principle" of the TRIPs agreement and limits the parties' choice. However, the application of this clause in practice is very rare. The deletion of Article 24, paragraph 3, of the Regulations on the Administration of Import and Export of Technology in China complies with the requirements of the development of the times and conforms to the reality and legal environment of China's technology import and export. The deletion of the provisions of this paragraph, although it will not have a significant impact on the import and export of technology in China, the related parties should still pay attention to the details of the content on warranty of noninfringements and make a clear statement in the contract.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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